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GridPlay is playback software for grids created in MIDIgrid and is supplied with sets of grids, and other resources, tailored to the needs of particular age and ability groups. The following packs harness the powerful features of MIDigrid to access creative and educational activities only normally available when working with experienced musicians and specialist teachers:

GridPlay: Creative Explorations, Level 2 (8+)
(CD Rom, for Windows '98 and higher)

All you need to start exploring and improvising - even if you have never played a musical instrument! In addition to the software, this resource includes a 37-page (printable) e-book of songs and activities for which no special musical or technical knowledge is required.

 Activities for Level 2 include:

  • Play virtual instruments!

  • Explore Hungarian folk  music!

  • Create your own tunes!

  • Get creative with rhythm and percussion!


    GridPlay Level 2: Contents and Demos

SW002: GridPlay Creative Explorations, L2
( CD ROM, Windows ) £24.99


SW002D: GridPlay Creative Explorations, L2 Download
(Download, Windows) £19.99


GridPlay: Creative Explorations, Level 1 (3-7)
(CD Rom, for Windows '98 and higher)

Creative fun for teachers and parents to share with children aged 3-7.  In addition to the software, this resource includes a 26-page (printable e-book) of songs and activities. No special musical or technical knowledge is required to start making music!

Activities for Level 1 include:

  • Form a 1-man band!

  • Explore stories and games!

  • Create your own tunes!

  • Run your own 'musical railway'!


  GridPlay Level 1: Contents and Demos

SW003 GridPlay: Creative Explorations, Level 1 (3-7)
(CD ROM, Windows) £24.99


SW003D GridPlay: Creative Explorations, Level 1 (3-7) Download
(Download, Windows) £19.99


Using GridPlay software with young or disabled children
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GridPlay: Resources For Carers/Teachers

Sharing music with severely disabled people

GridPlay for Carers/teachers takes the most successful repertoire and activities, developed in special needs workshops over a period of 35+ years, to make available a package of resources with which carers or teachers can confidently initiate and sustain musical activities with severely disabled people. GridPlay is a read-only version of the remarkable MIDIgrid software and the latter has been used to create ‘Rollers’ and ‘General Purpose’ grids, each grid a mini-application. ‘Rollers’ are instruments which can be played with a mouse, trackball, joystick or a wide range of switch-systems, while the ‘General’ grids provide recorded repertoire, themed according to the activities they support, for ongoing music sessions. The 43-page printable e-book offers copious suggestions for using the grids, lyrics, sheet music for a number of items, and advice on running music groups for people with profound disabilities. The Full Pitcher offers a post-sales customisation service for this product. more...

SW005: GridPlay for Carers/Teachers 
CD ROM  (Windows) £24.99


SW005D: GridPlay for Carers/Teachers  Download

Download  (Windows) £19.99


An Introduction To GridPlay
GridPlay is a playback only version of MIDIgrid, a MIDI music authoring system which is something like a word processor applied to music. This amazing software facilitates the composition and performance of music and allows teachers or therapists to create their own software resources. GridPlay files or "grids" were created in MIDIgrid and can be loaded into the parent program for editing or to save recordings made in the grids. This "Introduction" will give users some idea of the very wide range of resources that can be created in MIDIgrid. Packs of ready made GridPlay resources for teachers and music leaders can be purchased from

Windows Download


GridPlay: Learn Tonic Sol-fa

Learning tonic sol-fa has many benefits for the amateur musician but, as its main purpose is to develop inner hearing, it is difficult to master it without a teacher to pattern the intervals and provide feedback about the accuracy of the pupil's pitch. In this free resource, grids have been designed as sol-fa modulators and staves, which the user can play with the mouse, while singing the sol-fa syllables. familiar tunes can be played 'by ear' and the sol-fa syllables ascertained or confirmed.

Windows Download