GridPlay: Creative Explorations Level 2

Music software to share with children age 8+
All you need to start exploring and improvising - even if you have never played a musical instrument! In addition to the software, this resource includes a 37-page e-book of songs and activities for which no special musical or technical knowledge is required. Suitable for UK Key Stage 2 upwards.
Lots of ideas for rhythmic and melodic improvisation. Includes: pentatonic (5-note scale) vibraphone, percussion sounds, chords and rhythm tracks.

Explore a round built on a single chord. Mix 'n' match accompaniment patterns or create your own. Create fanfares. Includes music tracks, lyrics & notation for the round, 3-note trumpet, bell sounds, accompaniment patterns.

Create rhythmic & 2-chord accompaniments for "Drunken Sailor", improvise your own tunes on D minor and C major chord-tones. Includes: music tracks, lyrics and notation for the tune, chord-tones, 'blocked' chords, rhythm sounds.

Six rounds to sing and play. Includes music tracks for each part, lyrics and notation.

Includes a keyboard layout on which to improvise on C Major pentatonic scale, backing tracks for C-based and A-based improvisation and percussion sounds to create rhythmic accompaniments.

Explore contrasted rhythmic patterns. Includes music tracks for three two-section tunes, percussion sounds arranged in two contrasted groups.

Sing and accompany a round and a simple 2-part song, improvise melodies on the tubular bells, explore bell-peals. Includes music tracks, lyrics and notation for the songs, 8 'tubular bells'.

Match up the 'heads' and 'tails' of six tunes, invent your own 'tail' for each 'head', or vice-versa.

A grid for individual exploration, creating sequences with the 'synthesiser' chords.

Explore three tunes constructed on a pattern common in Hungarian folk tunes, then create your own tunes and accompaniments with the 'pipe' or 'zither' notes.

Sing and play seven tunes, all based on the same two chords. Create your own tunes from the chord-tones. Use the 1-bar chord patterns to accompany tunes. Includes music tracks of the seven songs, accompaniments, lyrics and music notation.

A round to sing and accompany and lots of resources with which to improvise and compose on a 'train' theme. Includes: music tracks, sound effects, 6-note 'electronic organ', lyrics and notation for the round.

More advanced improvisation in 'question and answer' form. Includes: four example tunes with varied 'question' and 'answer' phrases and eight 'electronic organ' tones on which to improvise.

A pentatonic scale with which to improvise on four 'instruments'. As pentatonic tunes can be combined without producing startling discords, you can also create multi-track recordings which combine two, or more, melodies.

Four 'instruments', sounding the notes of a 1-octave scale in the major keys of C,D, F and G, with which to improvise & compose. There are teacher notes for a class project on melody writing and a pupil worksheet.

In creative activities, the same resources can be used by musicians of different ages, experience or levels of skill, so the grids are suitable for use in a wide range of situations. They have been used in individual instrumental lessons as well as in class teaching and with pupils of different ages and abilities. In the Level 2 notes, however, we have focussed mainly on activities accessible to pupils at Key Stage 2 of the UK music curriculum (8+).



On the CD

  • 15 mini-programs for 8+

  •  user-friendly manual

  • 37 page ebook of creative activities and sheet music

    All for £24.99 !!

    SW002: GridPlay Creative Explorations, L2
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