GridPlay: Creative Explorations Level 1

Music software to share with children age 3-7
Creative music activities for teachers and parents to share with children aged 3-7 (UK Foundation & Key Stage 1).  In addition to the software, this resource includes a 26-page e-book of songs and activities. No special musical or technical knowledge is required to get start making music!

If at all possible, the software should be used as just one instrument, combined in the activities with other instruments and voices. It is a starting point and support for teachers. It is not intended that children should work alone at the computer, although the software is simple enough for them to do so.


Sing the songs, play the drum and make up your own trumpet tunes. Includes: 3-note 'trumpet' and percussion sounds to play onscreen, backing tracks and lyrics for 2 songs.

Listen to the story and use the onscreen sounds to create a soundtrack. Invent your own 'sound-story'. Use the melody notes to create an "uphill/downhill" song.

Experiment with different ways of using the left and right mouse buttons to create a variety of birdsongs, learn the pre-recorded songs and create birdsong accompaniments for them.

Match the sounds, imitate and invent rhythms, order the cells to create longer rhythmic pieces.

In this familiar nursery rhyme, make the mouse scamper up and down the clock. Create upstairs /downstairs melodies.

Lots of instruments, here, with which to create your own one-man band! Sing the songs and play away! Includes: 8 percussion sounds, backing tracks and lyrics for two songs.

Sing the song, play the instruments and create your own tunes. Includes: five 3-note melody instruments with which to play and improvise, backing track and lyrics for the song.

For this grid, we recommend that you set the speaker volume as low as possible. Young children seem to find it intriguing to explore really quiet sounds, in this way. Includes: 16 quiet sounds with which to create abstract music.

Sing the songs and accompany them with sound effects. Invent a rhythmic train journey. Improvise a train song. Includes: backing tracks and lyrics for 'slow', 'medium', 'fast' trains and "Train is a-comin", rhythmic accompaniments and sound effects, melody notes with which to compose a song.

Invent little bird-songs to sing and play and perform them with the backing track. Includes 2- 3- and 4-note groups with which to invent 'bird songs'.

Sing the song, search for the cuckoo in the 'dark forest', make a cuckoo tune. Includes: listening activities and note groups for improvisation.  

Sing the song and create your own starry music. Includes backing tracks & lyrics for "Starlight, Star Bright, accompaniments and and synthesizer sounds for improvisation.

Look for frogs in the pond. Create your own 'water music'.

Sing the song, play the game and invent your own musical animals. Includes: song, 'animal' tunes and 'high', 'medium' and 'low' instruments with which to improvise.


On the CD

  • 15 mini-programs for younger users

  •  user-friendly manual

  • 26-page creative activity guide

    All for £24.99!


GridPlay Creative Explorations, L1
(CD ROM Windows 98 +)


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SW003D GridPlay Creative Explorations, L1 Download
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