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imageOn these pages, you will find Audrey Podmore's unique range of online resources and products for sale, all supporting a creative and sharing approach to music-making in classroom, home and studio, starting from the absolute beginner's first music activities. 
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Our Music

Beginners: attractive, tuneful music for 1st-year players of flute, violin, piano, clarinet, cello. Simple accompaniments for an ensemble experience from the earliest stages

Music Downloads: arrangements of string quartets, flexible ensembles, easy piano pieces, music for Christmas, solos and accompanied pieces for flute, clarinet, sacred music.

Software: creative music software for all ages: Improvise and compose with MIDIgrid and GridPlay: Creative Explorations. Engage special needs music groups wiih GridPlay for Carers

Printed Music:  range of  music books and scores for delivery by 1st class mail. Custom arrangements of our PDF scores or flexible arrangements are available.


Resources for Sharing


downloads for beginners / flute / recorder / piano / violin / clarinet / cello (priced)

easy music downloads  available 24/7, worldwide (priced) Includes easy piano, string quartets, flute, clarinet, sacred music

flexible music for mixed ability groups (priced)

easy classroom ensembles (priced)

Special Needs resources and links

Seasonal Fun for home & classroom

online playback and lyrics for much of our catalogue

software with "widening access" options (priced)

customisation service for our sheet music and software (priced)

PDF Downloads: information and sheet music examples



Resources for Creativity


sheet music resources supporting improvisation in a range of styles (priced)

interactive & open-ended software (priced)

creative projects for class-teaching in schools

creative-activity pages for children

Get Creative! miscellany

links to websites and courses for improvisation and composition